video content


Hero Video

Tell a story about your business

Let’s showcase what you do, how you do it & why. Give people a glimpse into your products or services before they set foot in your store or book a consultation.

Starting at $399

Behind the Scenes

brand photoshoots, a service, an event - anything!

This package includes 1.5 hours of filming time, curated, organized & edited clip library of videos ready to be used in social media content or on a website. 

Plus one complimentary behind-the-scenes reel.

Starting at $275

Product Photos & Video

For e-commerce websites

payment plans available

As a small business owner myself, I know how tough it can be to invest a lot of money upfront. To help make my services more accessible, I offer 3-month payment plans for any package over $500.


Just let me know that you’re interested in a payment plan when we chat and I’ll include information about it’s structure in my proposal of work for you.

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