Hi, I'm Jess!

and I'm addicted
to the internet.

Since first logging on with CompuServe in 1996, the internet has been my one true love (sorry, husband).

As a teen I made websites for my favourite indie bands & went to college for Information Technology. I suffered through a job deep in the trenches making websites for car dealers (they wanted everything to be yellow & blink!) and eventually landed a dream job, designing sites for a kid’s TV station (so fun!).

After becoming a mom & wanting a more flexible schedule, I started a kids process art studio. But then the 2020 panaramadingdong hit and I got burnt out on pivoting. I discovered what I loved most about business was MARKETING!

Now I use my small business experience, creativity, technical know-how & analytical brain to help YOU carve out unique spaces online with social media, websites & emails.

Besides the Internet, I also love true crime, sunshine, sushi, baked goods, colour & making people feel good.


Feels Good Creative helps small business owners make digital content that creates a genuine connections between them & their customers.

Brand Values


I want to build a relationship with you that is trusting and genuine. I avoid pushy sales tactics, I use ethical marketing and I make really good customer service my top priority.


I’m committed to keeping it real. I stay true to who I am and I want you to stay true to you. I only want to work with folks who are down to earth, honest & kind – because that’s who I am.


But make it non-toxic! I’m all about lifting you up to shine your brightest. That means meeting you where you are on your journey & helping you get to where you want to be.


Standing up for human rights is important to me. As a cis-white woman, I hold immense privilege and I’m aiming to use that privilege to be a better ally & activist in my business & personal life.


Learning new things lights me up! I never stop taking courses & tackling new challenges to be able to better support you. Ask me what I’m obsessed with learning right now.

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